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Mode of study:
  • full-time
  • part-time

Head of the programme: dr hab. Anna Witek-Crabb, prof UEW

General information

Business Management is an international programme designed for those wishing to study modern business management and business organisation. The programme places particular emphasis on developing skills and competencies necessary to manage effectively in the global environment in a sustainable way.

In teaching – our focus is on practical aspects and cooperation with business partners who participate in many classes, also as Master thesis mentors. We use modern teaching approaches such as project-based learning, games and interdisciplinary business simulations.

The programme not only provides a good understanding of organisational functions, but also teaches problem solving, leadership skills, communication skills, mindfulness, teamwork, commitment to ethics and environmental awareness.

The programme includes EFQM Business Excellence certification. Students participate in licensed EFQM Foundation Training and receive certificates upon successful completion of the course.


Student’s profile

The graduate will be prepared to take on strategic and managerial roles within both businesses and non-profit organisations in the global environment. The graduate will have developed strong competences in HR, strategy, marketing, multicultural team management, and sustainability, and will be equipped to assume leadership positions in organisations of their choice.

Career prospects: | Specialisation modules*:
  • Corporate Communication Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Strategy Designer
  • Sustainability Manager

* Specialisation groups open depending on the students’ interest


Corporate Communication Manager

Effective corporate communication is vital for organisations to grow, regardless of their size or field of activity. In order to succeed in a constantly changing and turbulent environment, it is essential to consistently communicate core company values, regulations, and policies to people both inside and outside the enterprise.

This module teaches students to execute both internal and external communication effectively, including building strategic relationships with stakeholders such as employees, media, and customers. Additionally, the module covers crisis management and provides guidelines on event management and sponsoring, which are important communication tools for organisations.

Courses making up this specialisation module:

  • Corporate Identity and Internal Communication
  • Media Relations and Crisis Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sponsoring and Event Management

Human Resources Management

This module teaches students to manage people in organisations at two levels: strategic and team. They learn to align HR management with business strategies and gain knowledge on occupational psychology and work-life balance initiatives. At the team level, they develop managerial competencies for employee-related decisions, including building relationships, empowering others, motivating performance, and building effective teams. Practical examples and self-analysis tests support the course.

Courses making up this specialisation module:

  • Managerial Competencies for Employee Related Decisions
  • Managing International Teams
  • Strategic Human Capital Management
  • Work-life Balance & Well-being in Management

Strategy Designer

This specialisation module equips students with the skills needed to take on leadership positions in organisations and manage the strategic challenges facing businesses.

Students will learn about different types of strategic thinkers and assess their own strategic thinking style. The module presents modern approach to strategy, viewed through the lenses of interorganisational cooperation and digital revolution. During the module courses, students will also participate in a complex simulation game, enabling them to integrate their understanding of business processes and make sound strategic decisions. The courses develop both “soft skills” of a leader, and “hard skills” needed in strategy design.

Courses making up this specialisation module:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Business Challenger Simulation
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Strategic Cooperation and Networks

Sustainability Manager

In the era of mounting pressure to mitigation climate change and increased awareness among markets, regulators and investors about sustainability, this comprehensive module equips students with skills and competencies to become a competitive candidate for job posts such as ESG manager, sustainability manager, impact investment fund or NGO employee, as well as sustainability entrepreneur.

In this module you are going to learn about different shades of sustainability, including perspectives from companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and institutions.

Courses making up this specialisation module:

  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Green Business
  • Managing Diversity and Inclusion
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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