International Business


Mode of study:
  • full-time
  • part-time

Course leader: dr Magdalena Myszkowska

General information

The International Business programme develops specialized knowledge of international business, emphasizing international economics and trade, international entrepreneurship, and intercultural communication and cooperation. It offers a broad and practical understanding of international business processes and practices, and provides students with relevant and up-to-date knowledge of today’s interconnected business world. 
The programme is committed to combine academic rigour with practical application and corporate relevance. As a result, it encompasses both the knowledge and understanding of concepts and skills related to international economics and business, and the ability to apply such knowledge and understanding in a range of practical contexts. Students are asked to apply the theories in practice in various ways, such as projects tackling business problems,  real-life case studies, and a simulation game in the Business Process Simulation Centre.
The curriculum includes a broad mix of courses (taught by Polish and foreign lecturers and practitioners) related to some aspects of international economics and business, and that together enhance the development of managerial skills, communication skills, strategic thinking, forward planning skills, teamworking and a curious mindset open to learning new things.


Student profiles

The programme prepares students to start and operate their own company engaged in cross-border transactions, as well as work in operational, analytical and managerial positions for business organizations (incl. multinational corporations), as well as public and non-profit institutions in various countries and industries. Graduates are equipped with extensive knowledge of international economic relations and the professional skills necessary to cope well with the challenges of an international, dynamic multicultural business environment.

Career prospects


Module I

Module I includes issues related to the business services industry, the international energy market and the latest trends in mergers & acquisitions.

Module II

Module II includes issues related to the innovative international economy, international trade in a digitalised world, and a data-driven economy.

Module III

Module III includes issues related to small and medium enterprises in an international context, doing business in Asia, and solving international business problems.


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