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Course leader: dr Małgorzata Sobińska

General information

Business Informatics is a full-time study program that focuses on delivering both theoretical and practical knowledge about applying computer science methods and tools in management and business. 
Studies provide graduates with practical skills in the use of software tools supporting business processes. Students will learn, among others, methods and techniques of analysis and design of information systems, business applications, database technology, design and development of mobile applications, methods of project management. The problems solved by students as part of case studies will enable them to gain analytical skills, flexibility, and self-fulfillment of tasks as business informatics professionals. 
The chosen courses are run both by Polish and foreign practitioners and/or lecturers in cooperation with business partners, who use active teaching methods such as: group work, discussions, business simulations, brainstorming, problem-based learning.
Business Informatics major is focused on education and adjustment to current market needs, but also enables further development of the graduate. BI students and graduates easily find employment in the labor market dominated by the demand for digital competences and IT specialists. The field of Business Informatics is very popular and is chosen by candidates from all over the world.


Student profiles

The graduate will have the skills to analyze and synthesize business problems, adapt to changing conditions, take up challenges related to the implementation and use of modern information and communication technologies (ICT), work in a project team, as well as the ability to learn and update knowledge. These skills will be acquired along with knowledge in the field of IT, management, accounting, finance, quantitative methods, and economics.

Career prospects


System Design and Programming

This specialization offers students a possibility to get holistic view on the process of software design and development, starting from gathering final users’ requirements, through system design including user experience aspect, database design and application development concentrated on Web applications and mobiles. After this course student will be able to conduct the entire process as well as concentrate on a specific part of it to become a specialist in a narrow discipline.


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