International Business

International Business

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Course leader: dr Magdalena Myszkowska

General information

International Business programme develops specialized knowledge of international business, emphasizing international economics and trade, international entrepreneurship, and intercultural communication and cooperation. It offers a broad and practical understanding of international business processes and practices, and provides students with relevant and up-to-date knowledge of today’s interconnected business world. It explores the latest developments in international business and examines real-world cases. The programme aims at providing highly and cross-disciplinary educated, critically thinking professionals with good analytical, problem solving and linguistic skills, needed to run international businesses, work abroad or in an organizations engaged n business on a global scale.

Student profiles

The programme prepares students to start and operate their own company engaged in cross-border transactions, as well as work in operational, analytical and managerial positions for business organizations (incl. multinational corporations), public and non-profit institutions in a variety of countries and industries. Graduates are equipped with extensive knowledge of international economic relations and professional skills necessary to cope well with challenges of international, dynamic multicultural business environment.

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