Management Accounting


Mode of study:
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Course leader: dr hab. Agnieszka Bem, prof. UEW

General information

Studies in the field of Management Accounting provide essential knowledge in the field of accounting, management and corporate finance. This profile of study is especially recommended for people interested in managerial accounting who plan a career in a medium or large enterprise, especially international, both from the public, private and non-profit sectors. It is a proposition for those who would like to develop managerial competencies related to making financial decisions, primarily at the operational level, in the entire scope of the company's activities (project management, costs, taxes, capital structure).  


Student profiles

Students will be able to prepare and analyze financial statements, create and control budgets and, based on them, make management decisions. Students will also gain soft marketing, change management and project management skills. A graduate can further develop in management accounting up to a strategic level. Thanks to the unique combination of analytical and management competencies, the acquired knowledge will be helpful in almost every branch of the economy, especially in multinational enterprises.  

Career prospects


Business Analysis and Planning

Business Analysis and Planning – a specialisation that prepares students to make managerial decisions in an enterprise. The most important areas include bankruptcy forecasting, company value management or evaluation of investment projects.

Business Accounting

Business Accounting – a specialisation deepening knowledge in enterprise accounting. Among others, it covers very interesting areas such as taxation of business activities, creative accounting and fraud, performance management and control.


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