HOW TO APPLY – Bachelor and Master studies

Foreign candidates applying for full-time or part-time tuition fees should:

1. Complete the required documents.

2. Create an account in the enrolment system before the registration deadline.

3. Upload a photo - 3,5 x 4,5 cm (passport type) to issue student’s ID.

4. Enter the candidate’s e-mail address for the direct contact.
Please note: All important information regarding the start of the academic year will also be sent to this address.

5. Fill in form with data in the My account → Personal forms tab.
The data you enter into the form must match the exact data in your passport (number, name, surname, date and place of birth). Please enter the details of your education documents in the Education section without attaching files there.

If you apply for Bachelor program, please select the three required qualification subjects from the secondary school certificate (“Matura”), without entering the results, in the Edit exam results field.

6. Choose the program of study – “Sign up”. In order to enroll to the chosen program you must complete further data and enclose the required documents in the enrolment system.
To that effect, prepare a file with a scan of each document from the list.
The applicable rule is that one document is one file.

The procedure in the case of documents consisting of more than one page is:
•    scan each page of a given document,
•    connect all the scans with the pages of a given document to form a single file.

The file prepared in this way should be saved as a PDF file and enclosed where indicated by the system in the section New application. The submission of all the required documents should follow the same procedure.
NB: Scans of poor quality and in the wrong format will not be considered.

7. After registering for the chosen study program you should pay enrolment fee 85 PLN to the individual bank account indicated in the enrolment system: My account → Payments  tab.     The title of the enrolment fee should include the candidate's first name, surname and the name of the chosen study program. Enrolment fee is not refundable.

8. If the documents, uploaded by the candidate, meet all the requirements and the enrolment fee is paid, the candidate will receive a message from enrolment@ue.wroc.pl
with a request to pay the tuition fee for the first semester of studies (payment for the whole year of studies is also possible). The details of bank account number will be also sent.

9. Proof of payment of the tuition fee (in the form of an attached file) should be sent in response of Recruitment Committee’s message to the e-mail address: enrolment@ue.wroc.pl
The title of the transfer should include the name and surname from the passport and the following note:” Fee for the first semester ” (or for the first year).
10. After receiving the proof of payment, the Recruitment Committee will issue the admission letter to studies (in Polish language only). The scan of the letter will be sent as an attachment to the candidate's account in the enrolment system (available  in the Messages tab). The original letter will be sent by post to the candidate’s address indicated in the system.
Note: The address must include a postcode.

11. The candidate, who obtained the letter of admission to the studies based on the scans  of  documents, must deliver to the University the originals of documents, their photocopies and sworn translations into Polish - please refer to the schedule.  Translations cannot not be made from scans, photocopies, etc. Only sworn translations from the originals will be accepted. Documents should be translated after obtaining legalization/apostille.

Please note: In the tab Enrollment applications → Documents and further steps please download, print and sign four additional documents: Enrollment application, Personal data form, Vows, Declaration and submit together with all the required documents.
Note: In the case of underage candidates, the Declaration is signed by the candidate and a parent (or legal guardian).

Please note: default of delivering originals of documents before the deadline equals negative enrolment decision - candidate will not start studies.

In case of doubt, please contact us at enrolment@ue.wroc.pl

Applicants may apply for dormitory accommodation by contacting the dormitory department:


Wrocław University
of Economics and Business
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e-mail: enrolment@ue.wroc.pl
Recruitment Commision

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